Tips for Bloggers to optimize blog post for SEO

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If you have a blog, chances are that you know the importance of business blogging. But, you are not sure what are the ways to optimize the blog post for SEO. if you are looking for the same answer then read this guide to learn the top tips to make your blog post search engine friendly.

A client of ours asked us how they can optimize the blog post to boost the traffic to his site. The bloggers are not able to understand the importance of marketing their blogs. One of the recent studies has shown that around 60% of businesses have blogs. But, around 65% have not even made a single update in the past year. This is why we decided to share some essential SEO tips which can help you increase traffic on your website.

  • Title tags

The title tag is the most essential element for ‘on-page SEO’ and these are located in the web page code. These are also the blue clickable text which appears in SERPS which makes them even more important. In simple words, if the title tag is not effective then our “Click Through Rate” will suffer.

Additionally, the most essential keyword needs to be in the front. If the keywords are located at the front then search engines give it more benefit. Keep them only 65 characters long.

  • Keyword Research

At times, bloggers post multiple contents in a single day without keeping a goal in their mind. It means, they just think, write the content, publish it, and repeat. 

You need to make sure your content is relevant and your website targets the specific audience. This is where you need to understand the use of keyword research. You need to write about those things which people are searching for. 

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  • Heading tags

Heading tags (h1, h2, h3, h4) helps Google to determine what your website page is about. The h1 tag should be present on each of your blog posts. The h1 tells the main topic of your post and this is the first thing the reader will see. 

Additionally, this tag helps to break the content which makes it easy for the user to read it. Also, they can understand it in a better way. Make sure, in the heading tag you do not include keywords. 

  • Internal Linking

Inside the hyperlink anchor text is present. Search engines use the anchor text to determine the subject matter linked to that page. Internal links go from one page to another page on the website and this is very essential for SEO. The website page needs to be interlinked by using the descriptive, keyword-anchor rich text. 

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  • Website design should be mobile responsive

Sometimes, when we open a website on your mobile device it is not visible properly. No doubt, this situation is extremely frustrating. Mobile-friendly websites are important as everyone has a phone. So, this aspect is very critical to optimize the blog post. 

  • Meta Descriptions

Meta Descriptions play an essential role in the click-through rate. The meta descriptions are present below the URLs and title tags in the google search. You need to make sure the metal description is unique and not longer than 156 characters. 

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