Want to know the immigration process of Germany?

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Germany is the most favorite country for a career, holiday vacations, education, honeymoon or any other travel purpose. It is mainly because of its well-performing education system, economy, beautiful looking attractions and also the various employment opportunities. The people from the different parts of the world always want to get a chance of moving to Germany for any of these reasons. If you visit happiercitizens platform, there you can get the best support for the Germany immigration, taking travel ticket and entire trip support for you.

Immigration to Germany:


In order to immigrate to Germany, every person should have a valid reason. There are actually different ways that the foreign nationals can move to Germany and the following are the most common reasons including,

  • Germany immigration for education
  • Germany immigration for employment
  • Germany immigration for family reunions
  • Germany immigration for entrepreneurs
  • Germany immigration for residence permits

To immigrate to Germany, you should need to follow these requirements such as,

  • Prove financial stability – Every different immigration purpose probably has the varied financial needs that the applicants should need to fulfill and you should also submit the proof for your current financial stability. If you are going to work in Germany, you should have the initial funds to cover all your necessary expenses until you will get your first-month
  • Have health insurance – One can’t able to immigrate to Germany without having valid and updated health insurance coverage. It is highly necessary to have the German health insurance for the Germany immigration process but it will not be sure whether the German authorities will accept the health insurance of other nations.

More requirements to be considered:

  • Get a German Visa – The citizens of other countries are highly required to apply for a visa and get the German visa to enter this country. You can also apply for the residence permit after entering there without a visa. There are different types of visa available to reach Germany such as jobseeker visa, business visa, tourist or visitor visa, guest scientist visa, working or employment visa, visas to study in Germany, and internship/training visa.
  • Basic proficiency in German – In order to live in Germany, you should need to know German and you must have the basic proficiency in this country. For this purpose, there will be a test and you should have to pass them to become the A1 or B1 based categories of German people. If you would like to obtain permanent citizenship, then you must have a privileged proficiency of C1 or C2.

If you are visiting the happier citizens platform, where you can absolutely get the extraordinary range of the consulting service to make your Germany immigration process too easier at all. There is a team of experts who will provide you the updated information and the best support to get the immigration to Germany according to your requirements and they will guide you properly to have easy immigration.

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