Virtual Escape Room – An Enchanted hunt

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virtual escape games designed like a horror movie. Nowadays everybody is interested in horror and thrillings. In ancient days people scared of ghost and other enchanted spirits, but now everyone is ready to face the enchanted place or a building or the escape rooms due to the advancement of technology, people are aware of those things and they all very happy to play with such games. There will be a live chat to take to the different places of visit. One more facility available is that the people who are playing can take their own family for group events so that the whole family will be enjoying the thrill and they play with the confidence that the people surrounding them are their own relatives. There are many varieties in these games, they can choose the places according to their choice and wish. Let’s see some of the places with horror or enchantment.

virtual escape games

Hunt treasure in the enchanted forest

This is one such game like the Treasure Island. A treasure is buried somewhere else in the island, the pirates reach those island and they search and find it. To find out that place they have to solve the puzzles that are blogging the hidden cave to seek a big treasure in a stipulated time of 60 min. on one side the timer is moving on to make your work faster, on the other side the game thrills you to reach the destination by enthusiasm. These games are really a thiller for the whole family to participate and to share their ideas and bringing out their hidden talents.

Curse of the Ancient Tomb

Whenever we heard the word Ancient tomb, people are suddenly taken to the Egyptians tomb. It is a world popular tombs and people are very well known about mummies and other enchanted ghosts, even the kids know it well as it is broadcasted in cartoon also. Sometimes a big puzzle will be solved by small kids in this game as they are very much known these ghosts and its activities. Always people are crazy about seeing the Egyptian pyramids and their treasures and so on. So here the puzzles are related to verbal, analytical, logical and sometimes mathematical. Simply giving the stereotyped puzzles try sometime new like experimental methods are the plus points of this particular game that most of the people are choosing this and they are successful in finishing it also.


The participants are very happy and they said it in a single word that it is amazing and fun-filled activity to pass our time by using the knowledge hidden in us and it stipulates the energy and the power of the human beings. Then they all remarking on the puzzles as mind-bending and the rooms are taken us to the exact place of Egyptians and the enchanted forest as lively as the people are originally present there and experiencing the haunting and the hunting and at last to say that winning the game is giving us the hope and it raises the level of confidence to face all the problems even from outside also. The reviewers are very much happy and they are pleased with these games as an entertainer and mind booster like a goosebump to kindle ourselves to work on it, move on it, achieve on it. These two games are like hiding and seek or like lock and escape.

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