The Most Essential Tips for Choosing the Right School for Your Child

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With the end of the year approaching, the question arises: how to choose the best school for children in 2019? And what criteria should be taken into consideration? Choosing the ideal school to enroll their child requires, according to educator, that parents have a close look at their family’s daily life, know their expectations about the school and find out if family values ​​are in line with their needs from space. Make a visit to and find the solutions.

Choosing the right school for your child depends on a number of factors, which must be combined. The option will depend essentially on family values ​​and the individual characteristics of each child. Another relevance to the quality of teaching is the staff of teachers and coordinators. After all they are going to be in daily life with the child.  The best source for giving this information is parents who have had children at school.  Here are 10 tips from the educator to get it right:

  1. Visit various schools

One should visit as many Schools as possible, preferably with the child, who will spend most of his or her childhood in the place. These visits will allow us to see differences between institutions.

  1. Visit the school website

Check out the school’s website to evaluate the values ​​presented by the institution, its mission and vision disclosed as differentials. The information should be consistent with the impressions that the site visit should arouse.

  1. Observe students and staff

Be aware of how students feel and act, as their attitudes reflect their surroundings and it is important to observe their posture within the school environment. Observing how staff treats children on a day-to-day basis in school, disciplinary and pedagogical matters will also help to check the school environment for health.

  1. Check the cleaning issue

Check the cleanliness of the patio and corridors, especially after breaks, take the opportunity to visit the restrooms and observe which conditions are ideal for hygiene and comfort parameters.

  1. Talk to the employees

During the visit, talk to the staff about the values ​​that the School has disclosed on its website, make sure they are really known, in tune with the practices, or simply put in a marketing way. An educational institution should have the same concern in developing its internal and external client.

  1. Learn about investments in education

Are there ongoing teacher training programs and projects? What are the most recent courses taken by the institution’s professionals?

  1. Reception of new students

Check how the institution has programmed to receive its new students. Is there a previously defined integration program to assist in the socialization of new students?

  1. Know the school projects

Talk to the coordinator about the strategies adopted by the institution to increase the student’s contact with the cultural environment, mechanisms that encourage a regular practice in activities that develop outside the school walls.

  1. Check the health and safety issue

Is the school aware of your child’s health and safety? See if the student record includes health information and if the School records pediatrician or family doctor data. Check what procedure the school adopts in case of emergencies or accidents.

  1. Make sure education is aligned with today’s trends

As part of citizenship training, good schools develop projects with students that are important to today’s reality, such as our relationship with the environment, human rights studies, or engagement projects in social and community work.

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