Speed is the new norm: a dynamic and multitasking generation

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You may hear, a colleague talking about her teenage son doing a search for a session job one night. He was writing to the computer while listening to music. Her cell vibrated every time a text message came in, and the television was playing in the background. Although your colleague’s initial thought is he will never be able to concentrate, this ability to multitask at the same time and work despite the constant presence of stimulants has become the reality of Generation Y. Strangely enough somehow. This ability prepares it for the dynamic world in which we live. The Life coach Vancouver can guide you there.

You must be aware that this is not the best example of a good work ethic; this example simply serves to educate managers on how to motivate these dynamic and multitasking people from Generation Y to work. To give them the chance to undertake simultaneous tasks, to participate in short-term achievements and to offer them the possibility of rapid promotion suits them perfectly. However, as a manager, you need to know what you can and cannot offer, and to make it clear in the first stages of hiring.

At work, Generation Y people are used to a more entrepreneurial vision, and they tend to be more outspoken about what they want. In addition, their personality is more oriented towards flexibility and risk-taking. It is therefore important that employers take the time to listen to them from time to time, even if their requests seem unrealistic and cannot be met. When possible, invite them to participate in stimulating discussions and decision-making so that they feel involved and feel that they have helped to find a solution.

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Generation Y: Generation “I do not want to miss anything”

Remember, Generation Y grew up surrounded by technology. Their attachment to their smartphones and social networks can be attributed to the fact that they simply do not want to miss anything. May God preserve them from not being aware of something happening in the world? You may think that having all this news at hand could result in too much information, but it’s a safe bet that Gen Y absorbs this information like a sponge while leaving enough information place to finish a report, give a presentation, and then, sipping a cup of coffee with friends after work.

How does all this apply to Generation Y at work?

Well, as a manager, it’s important to remember that these employees will want to stay on top of current trends, that there is a good chance that they will visit their smartphone many, many, many times a day and that they understand this new technological world more than the majority of people. So allowing them to navigate this world is not necessarily a bad thing in itself. These millennial could provide you with a lot of information about what’s happening on social media, allowing you to improve your marketing strategies and make your business more popular in virtual communities.

Final Understanding

Generation Y might consider all of this as routine, so as a manager, retaining these employees requires a completely different way of thinking. Since you know that they are looking for different experiences and will be more likely to change jobs to get into other adventures in the job market, it is important that you re-evaluate what you can offer them.

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