Soccer rules and Celtic FC

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Are you fond of soccer? Do you know its basics and officially stipulated rules? Do you know about the Celtic football club? Are you just a fan of soccer or a player? Do you watch soccer season matches on the playground or on TV? How do you buy soccer match tickets? In the hype of soccer world football matches, do you go to the match venue and encourage your favourite team? This article is about all these questions. If you won’t an answer, you must read this article, and you will find the basic information about soccer, its basic rules and some information about the Celtic football club.

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Being the oldest sport in the world and most played sport, soccer has some rules which are made by FIFA, international football regulatory body. It has a number of international tournaments, and it is played and watched in almost all parts of the world.

Soccer Rules

  • A soccer game has 45 minutes of halves. It means total match length is 90 minutes and there is 15 minutes break for refreshment.
  • Each soccer team has 11players including the goalkeeper, who is responsible for handling the ball wit in the 18-yard box.
  • There must be artificial or natural grass in the field. The pitch should be 100-130 meter long and 50-100 meter wide. There should be out of bound marks around the pitch. So the shape of the pitch is rectangular. There are two six-yard boxes, two 18 yard boxes and a circle in the centre. Out of both goals, there is a spot for a penalty, and the circle in the centre should also be marked as visible.
  • The soccer ball is 58-61cm of the circumference, and its shape is circular.
  • There can be a maximum of 7 substitutes for each team.
  • There are one referee and two assistant referees in each game.

Celtic football club

The Celtic football club is a club based in Scotland, and it was founded in 1887. The purpose of its establishment was to alleviate poverty in the Irish community in Glasgow. It won its first friendly match with rangers, and till now it has won a number of tiles and also won 1967 European cup. Its feature colour is green with the white hoop during most of its history. As it has been told earlier the purpose of Celtic club foundation was to raise money for poor, and even today the Celtic adheres to this tradition. It raises money for local, national and international causes even today. It raised money for the humanitarian crisis in East Africa in 2011.

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