Smartest Solutions in WordPress Site Making

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It should also be judged according to its functionality and ease of implementation. Of course, if you are a beginner it may all seem like new concepts, but following this guide to the end, you will have much clearer ideas on what to do. With the WordPress Plugins you can now expect the best choices.

Here are the issues we will address:

  • Who creates WordPress templates?
  • Where to find the best WordPress templates?
  • Paid templates VS free templates.
  • How to choose the right template.
  • Rely on experience.

Who creates WordPress templates?

Over the years we have seen the WordPress template market evolve to become a true giant. At first, for most projects, the free templates that made available were used. This is because, long ago, this CMS was used as a blog creation platform. Over time, however, developers began to create templates that added new functionality and features. To these have been added also the numerous plugins, free and paid which allow to cover practically all the needs that a website can present.

WordPress Plugins

These developers understood the great potential of the market and decided to base their activity exclusively on the creation of WordPress templates. We therefore saw the birth of the first Web Agencies completely dedicated to this activity. The key to success was understanding that it was better to create a worldwide product, rather than dedicating oneself to the care and creation of the website for the individual customer. These web agencies sell their products, or WordPress templates, directly from their sites.

Many of these also give the possibility, for those who buy a theme, to have dedicated support, usually managed through a forum. But there are those who wanted to see further. Why not create a site that, thanks to cataloging through tags, gives the user the possibility to search among thousands of available templates? And so it was.

Elegant Themes Products

Where to find the best WordPress templates


For years there has been the Themeforest platform which is one of the most complete in the world market of WordPress templates. They don’t just provide the themes, but offer any type of resource that could be useful for building a website.

WordPress, being the most popular platform, has a dedicated section , while the other CMS are cataloged together.

At the time of writing, there are over 9,900 themes to choose from and the number rises almost every day because developers continue to make changes to their products and add new ones, looking for ways to take advantage of all the graphic trends and more modern elements to keep up with the times.

Elegant Themes

Another company that offers a truly exclusive service is Elegant Themes. They offer access to all their themes (over 80) and their plugins at the cost of a really convenient subscription fee (which you can still decide not to renew). Among the top themes we mention only Divi , but you have already heard of it. The themes, all developed by the same team, are made with great care ( the over 400,000 customers are a demonstration).

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