Pbn Links- Things To Consider

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With all information available on the internet and users searching lot of options in order to gain necessary information it has become tough for companies retain customers to their site. Search Engine Optimisation is a must for websites looking to attract new users, improve web traffic and maximise sales. One of the great sources to achieve this is PBN backlinks.

PBN Service

The group of authoritative websites that are used to build links to the original site (money site) in order to get on to the top of search engine websites is called Private Blog Network (PBN). Money site means the main website which directs you to other sites or the one which makes money for you. For this, you can either buy PBN links from PBN Service providers or make your own by undergoing process oriented installation. To attract net savvy users and to stand high on the ranking pages they undergo constant modifications with respect to content, design, headings, sub-headings and keywords.

Some domain registrars you can try are:

Go Daddy:

It is considered to be one of the most expensive domain registrars. Customers identify websites through their domains. They let you unlock or cancel domains, receive or renew expired domains.

Name Cheap:

This offers outstanding service .They give you a unique name that easily connect to your  servers. Websites basically require domain name to be registered because you want to assure that no one else is using it. They tend to offer you many domain names using popular TLDs. Select one from the given names using search option. If you choose common names like .com you may fail to get it. In that case look for other options like .net or .us or any other country. It also gives you option of selling domain names which you are not using.

How to check if backlinks are from a bad domain?

See where your backlinks are coming from. If they come from an automated link building tool or directory texts or Chinese anchor texts, then you should understand that it is not a legitimate domain.

How to create good PBN links?

Create not more than 2 links per money site.

Make sure that each money site is having one blog post.

Let your backlinks be linked to few money sites. A maximum of 8 is ok but not more than that.


Some points to consider while building links:

Consider the subject of your website:

If it is about health and fitness then you can include Anchor texts like healthy food, healthy body, health is wealth and Fitness regimen. These kinds of words highlight the whole theme of your website and help in increasing traffic.

Here you can add links in between saying Healthy recipes for kids, healthy food for aged, get healthy with these useful tips etc. These links direct users to their relevant subject. According to the subject name you can select your website name and domain name. For example Healthyliving.com or I’m healthy.co.uk. This is to make sure that you give the essence of your website to users.

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