Merits and demerites of autobody shop

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The auto body shop is also known as a workshop. In that technicians and auto mechanics are mend the automobiles. The workshop was an independently owned business, auto body shop mends the damaged parts and non-moving parts. It repairs minor parts. Painting and coating works are also done by mechanics and technicians themselves.

Most common vehicle mend:

  • Change the tire as a new one
  • Tuned-up the engine
  • Balanced the wheels
  • Fix and correct the brake in a vehicle
  • Replacement of car battery
  • Maintenance
  • Change the oil filter

Equipment required for mend the vehicle:

  • Air compressor
  • Paint booth
  • Air hoses
  • Paint gun
  • Sanding blocks
  • Slide hammer

Advantages and disadvantages of the workshop:

auto body shop

Merits of the workshop are they do the painting work too. They have completed all the repair works and fault issues in the vehicle. So we don’t worry about the paint issues. They were thoroughly done with the work as perfect.

In our world, each and everything has merits and demerits. In this we have one demerit i.e., cost…They do their work as good but its rate is high.

Qualification and training requirement:

Employers will choose the workers who pass high school education. And then so many courses have been conducted for autobody shop workers. Repairers must attend the training period. During training time, trainers will be taught to the trainees how to use tools and how to repair the damaged parts. Menders may able to work as freely no need to depend. They work without supervision.

Types of auto body shop repair center:

There are five types involved in the autobody shop.

  • Suspension damage
  • Dented bumper
  • Deep paint scratches
  • Rear-end damage
  • Cracked windshield

Suspension damage:

If a car were dropped into a pothole it causes minimum damage it was known as suspension damage. It saves our insurance.

Dented bumper:

The dented bumper also causes minimal level damage, it was repaired by ourselves by pulling the vehicle. It takes a short period to repair the vehicles.

Deep paint scratches:

Deep paint scratches mean repaint the vehicles. If our vehicle became faded deep paint scratches can be used. It was painted by experienced workers.

Rear-end damage:

The vehicle was heavily damaged. It causes a while crossing the wrong side of the road. Some time may be fetched to the accident, it causes full damage.

Cracked windshield:

It causes wrinkled off the road. The vehicle was dropped in the pothole they able to get it out with the help of the neighbors. They pushed out a car from the pothole.

Auto body shop business:

In the auto body shop business, they were having the required staff, they gave practice to their staff and gave work to the workers. In this business, they having certain tools in their shop. The worker was practiced in their auto body shop. We got from the government with certain terms and conditions. They offered the loan for the automobile shop. After getting the loan auto body shop business was started.

Auto body shop workers:

Auto body workers should complete their higher education and getting training from a certain institution. This training program contains a very short period. After finishing their training, the technicians were allowed to do their workers. The pay-scale was based on their work and their company.

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