Many circumstances are be changed against human beings

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Humans are live in care  that they compulsory wants the house for the shelter uses it helps them to avoid the climatic conditions of nature and gives them protect to them by being covered in anyways there are the many circumstances are be against the human beings, so we should be cautious in all the places.

The main thing is diseases

Nowadays, no one is normal medically all the one have any problems in their body it is the trend to be a sugar patient and the heart patients in olden days many of them are not know the sugar and heart disease how for the 10 of 8 people have the sugar and the heart disease so this makes the world full of the patients there is many reasons behind this first main thing is the technology world in the computerize world no one are be willing to do the physical activities they all be thing live only with the luxury all ones is changed to bike and the cars no one are be travelling by the walk and the cycle.

live in care

And the other main thing is changing in food habits nowadays all the one are liking the pizzas and the burgers we do not like the healthy factor these are being transformed into the trend we don’t enjoy the vegetable, fruits, pulses grams and many other beneficial things this is also the main reason for the disease we must want the physical work to burn all our calories the excess calories are being stored in the form of the fat and cholesterol. These are the main imperfect things that lead to heart disease and sugar.

Physical activity 

We can go for the walking are by going to gyms and do the cardio workout to reduce the fact and also taking the right healthy foods are be helpful to recover from the deadly diseases cycling is one of the best exercises because by drive the cycle, our hands are being always stretched. The legs are often in the rotating our eyes, ears are being cleared with the road, and others with the one action, we can generate all the parts to works, so many scientific researches tell that cycling is the best and the excellent exercise.

Children care

In childhood, the children are very playful on that day he or she can play the games with their friends they can play the whole day they play cricket football and many others. Still, nowadays, children are outstanding in video games. No one knows the outer games. The reason for all these is their parents they even don’t know that games are harmful to the eyes and due to this, there is no physical work for the children this leads to many physical challenges because by playing in the early ages improves the growth of the muscles and the bone, and the main things is now a day many children are being born with the sugar disease and heart disease the survey tells all these because of these two things so be take care of yourself.

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