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Parc Clematis has occupied the heart of district five, which is Clementi. This is a newly developed area that has replaced the Park West Condominium, which was famous earlier. The community of SingHaiYi introduces this area. It is estimated that this area will be in the top position among all the other residential areas in the year 2023. This area is surrounded by more condominiums and the landed Estate houses of Faber Hills. It is a private residence which enjoys the direct connectivity of clematis MRT station. parc clematis showflat will clear all your queries on the residential area.

This residential area is with a tower of 25 feet comprising some 1500 housing units. These houses are built with all the luxurious facilities with one bedroom to even five bedrooms as per the wish and need of the resident. This housing also comprises of full suite condominiums that are equipped with huge facilities. The facilities range from the lap pool, pool deck, hot tub, BBQ pits and the lounge. These facilities make the residents enjoy a great life as per their needs and likings. They also make the residents to feel elated and to experience ease in living.

Minimize Your Travel:

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The residents are made to receive anything they want within some minutes, not extending an hour. One is not required to travel for long hours to get a commodity. The travel time will be very less as everything is surrounded near the living area itself. This will make the people to feel free and relax. There is no need to travel more hours and get caught in the hectic traffic. One can quickly get access to everything within less time and also with little effort. This will help the people to enjoy their traveling time in any other useful way as spending quality time with family.

The residents of the Parc Clematis living area can make use of the enormous shopping mall in a better way. The shopping mall can be reached within a few minutes of walk, and it contains everything in a single building. One has no necessity of searching the things in different stores. The quality of the items is also excellent compare to other regular stores. Mall has various branded stores and companies which can deliver the customers the gods with superior quality and service. One can enjoy shopping for all the things of multiple categories such as groceries, fruits, vegetables, electronic gadgets, glasswares, and some other items.

Thus, with these numerous facilities, Parc Clematis has topped the residential area among all the others though they are of low cost. The price of the houses in this area will differ as per the structure of the house. The house will be built as per the need and facilities of the residents. One can mention their obligations to the developer, and so the construction can be done according to the specifications. This will satisfy both the developers and also the residents in a significant way. This residential area is highly recommendable for the people of Singapore.

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