Is medical insurance needed for the disabled?

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Yes, of course, medical insurance is needed for all families particularly for the person of the disabled family to compensate their loss of economic conditions. At present, the medical expenses are high and ordinary people can’t afford it if the breadwinner of the family is disabled in the middle part of their life. Emad Zaki is the best example, who suffered from a disability. The first step is that a family floater health insurance is the best option to safeguard the family at the time of a medical emergency or the crucial moment in the hospital. These policies make the person move to hospital confidently that they can able to tackle their problems as they have insured their family and can be claimed the amount from the policy. Second thing is that people need to take individual policy for their family members. They should not rely only on the employer’s group insurance. It can be applied only for a certain period where people are working. A separate policy is the best plan to meet their medical expenses.

Need of Medical Insurance

Emad Zaki

In the present lifestyle, many people are affected by many diseases due to the stress and working pressure to seek more money. The older tradition of healthier life gets spoiled and now people are leading a diseased life in the young age itself. People can’t believe that many of the youngsters under the age of 40 are suffered from chronic disease and many of the young aged persons have died of chronic disease. So insuring is the must that can save the life of the individual and also the life of their family when they are disabled. Family health insurance will be a great beneficiary for the whole family. If any one of the people from their family is affected then it will be very useful. Regular updating of the policies and renewal has to be done with the help of the insurance officer. family floating insurance helps to get relief from seasonal diseases. People can protect their family with care and full attention. Tax benefits can be obtained from these policies. The income section of 80 D offers the tax benefit of premium health insurance. It helps the people in the dual situation that meeting the medical as well as tax relaxation. There is no extra payment for some part of the covered hospitalisation. It meets the expenses at the time of claim. These policies include pre-existing diseases also. Reset benefits are unlimited and can claim the exact amount they needed. Room rent can also be claimed in the family floater. Sometimes they provide additional benefits which are very useful to the people. Simple logic is that medical insurance is the best way to sort the problem of a crucial moment in life.


Thus to say that medical insurance is much important for the disabled and also for their family members to achieve their life’s worst part to become the best part. If people need to save their lives and for the family, they must be claimed a policy to benefit the family at the time of medical expenses. It is an unexpected thing that may occur at any time to anyone. So taking a policy is the only option.

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