How to restore deleted files to android?

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The software tool created for this case will be able to help if the documents are not deleted with something else. But above all, experts can advise you to buy an SD card that will back up everything that matters to you. As a similar tool, you can stop at Tenor share Data Recovery Tool or look for a similar app for functionality and convenience. In the process of data recovery this is important.

What to do

data recovery

How do I recover deleted files on Android from my computer using the software provided? To do this, you must run the program as an administrator on your computer. Then connect the media to your computer. The program window will display the disk of your memory card as well as the data on it. If not, update the information. Highlight the media you need and click the Start button to start scanning. Choose what interests you and click Desperate. Is it possible to prevent this? Yes, use the Dumpster program for this. It acts as a recycle bin, i.e. it allows you to quickly delete deleted files from your android phone. Let’s look at a few programs that can perform the necessary actions.

Hexamob professional

There will be no problem with this as the program has Russian language. It will be able to restore deleted files, however, only those that were originally formatted in fat. But almost all mobile devices work on this system, so no problem. The application has a filter that depends on the file type. What’s more you can search for specific documents here if you remember their names. However, in order for the application to function and perform its functions, user rights must be available on the mobile device.

An important requirement for success is operationally with the help of utility. Given that mobile devices do not have a large amount of memory, it may not be possible to completely or even partially download files if measures are taken after a considerable time. The program works directly on your phone or tablet. You can download it from the available app stores. At boot time, you must give a positive response to a parent’s rights claim before you restore deleted files from your android phone.

GT Recovery for Android

This is a free app that shows a good level of performance. It also works directly on the mobile device itself. It is necessary to acquire the rights of a supervisor for its operation. Reviews of this program allow us to formulate a positive opinion about it. Speaking of how to recover deleted files on Android, it is important to note the important fact. People believe that the scanning and retrieval tools in this application are great. Therefore, he can find something that has failed others.

Data Android Recovery

This is another program that allows you to restore previously deleted files. True, it works with a computer via USB cable. Initially, you will need to scan the storage area to determine what can be recovered.

Likewise, some users have had difficulty trying to save data right away on their mobile device. It is solved by transferring data to a computer and from there to a phone or tablet. Well, now you know how to recover deleted files on Android and what software tools can help with that. Of course, you can search for something else yourself, but the applications listed in the article work well.

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