How the insulators, conductors, semiconductors are used?

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The current supply of the alternating current will differ in countries. It cannot be made constant all time. In Europe, the AC supply will be 240 volts with 50 Hz. And in Britain, the alternating current supply is 230 volt with 50 Hz. Only America uses 110 volts with 60 Hz current.

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How the current is supplied to every street with the same power supply?

The current supplied will have a separate power station. From a station, the current is supplied to a particular distance. The direct current is created by the help of batteries which contains some chemical reactions in it.

The charge that is produced by emf (electromotive force) makes the electrons to move. A website named just energy offers you free current for 10 hours when you just sign up on their websites. If you hire a plan the rate will be fixed for the customer and will not be altered again in the middle. You can complain to the owner if you face any current block before your plan over.

Why the semiconductors are used?

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Semiconductor helps in the carrying of negative charge. Silicon type semiconductor is the most commonly used one. The current passing devices are made by using conductors, semiconductors, and insulators. The material which does not conduct current is known as insulators. It is also known as an electron blocker. For example objects like paper, glass, plastics are known as insulators. And current storing material is known as a conductor. Some examples of the conductor are tungsten, gold, aluminium, etc… but the semiconductor acts as a conductor and also an inductor. Mainly the semiconductors are used in optical sensors, power devices, and solid type lasers. The main positivity in semiconductors is it can hold nearly 10,000 volts in it.

The direct current is first developed by Thomas Edison. When he developed the direct current he cannot convert it into higher voltages or lower voltage. At that time only Nikola Tesla developed the alternating current he made the successful conversion of higher voltage to lower voltage. The conversion is done with the help of transformers. At first, the electricity is supplied only to the street lights and lighthouses. If the high voltage current passes through the wire it may leak or damage the wire due to weak setup. After many inventions, the wires are made strong. Each wire can carry nearly 600 volts current in it.

Always switch off the fan and lights when you leave the room. Use fewer watt bulbs in the home and hall. The 40 watts and 60-watt bulbs will take a high current glow. So instead of these bulbs use LED type bulbs which take only less current.

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