Finer Choices You Must Opt for the Wealth Management Process

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The asset management they are forms of investment that allow savers to entrust, through a mandate, the investment of their assets to a manager (in practice, SGR, SIM and banks authorized to provide this service). Unlike mutual funds, assets are not managed “upstream” with those of other savers, but separately for each client.

Being a personalized investment service, and not the purchase of a standard product, each client’s portfolio is potentially different from that of any other and is defined by the manager together with the client based on an accurate analysis of his needs, its risk profile and its investment objectives. Patrimonial managements are financial products of Anglo-Saxon origin and are born to take care of the interests of investors with huge capital. For wealth management services this is the best deal now.

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The Two Types of Asset Management

It is possible to distinguish two main types of asset management services: movable asset  management (GPM), in which the assets are invested mainly in “classic” financial instruments (shares, bonds, etc.); Asset Management in Funds or SICAVs (GPF / GPS), in which the assets are invested mainly in units of collective investment undertakings (mutual funds, SICAVs, ETFs, etc.). The GPMs, or “direct investment management,” are concentrated on the domestic market and pursue the objective of maximizing results, and are an investment instrument intended for medium and large investors. The primary goal of GPF / GPS, or “indirect investment management,” is the diversification of the investment, to offer the possibility of seizing the best opportunities on the international markets and in different types of financial assets, at the same time reducing their risks. Therefore, it is a type of management suitable even for smaller savers.

Mobile Asset Management (GPM)

The Asset Management Securities(GPM) are individual asset management mandates of the client who buy individual stocks and / or bonds. Within the management there may also be units of mutual funds, but not necessarily. Once the customer’s risk profile has been identified, he must choose between the different “lines,” which are commonly at least three: bond, balanced, and equity. The minimum amount to access these types of services is high, as they are aimed at medium and large investors, and figures may be required that in some cases exceed € 500,000, so as to give the manager the opportunity to invest in different international markets applying a correct diversification, with consequent lowering of the risk. Like other types of financial investment,

L Balance Sheet Management (Gpf)

The non- multimanager GPFs are, to paraphrase the acronym, “Fake Asset Management”: in this case, it is worth investing directly in funds. Funds Asset Management (GPF) are financial products that, as the name suggests, invest the money in mutual funds and SICAVs diversifying on various products. It is, therefore, a type of management also suitable for medium-small savers. At the time of subscription, the investor can choose between different investment lines, more or less prudent or aggressive depending on the risk profile. Therefore he can delegate the management of savings to the bank or Sim of trust based on his profile. In some lines of asset management in funds, the manager himself will freely decide the percentages to invest in bond funds and in equity funds. The best management is the multi-manager ones.

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