What to focus on in PTE repeat sentence task?

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When PTE comes to mind, one must directly think of repeat sentences because this is the most important topic of the test. The reason is that it is contributing the maximum scores to the test not only on speaking but also to listening. The scores are therefore divided into two parts, where you get your speaking scores if you can give a fluent and clear speech in English, whereas for listening all the words spoken the speaker must be said correctly.

Now, the major concern for the non-native speakers is how to master or crack this section of the test?

Well, at once it can be a mountainous task but achievable. So, we can start by listening and responding as quickly as we can along with as fluently as we can by adding some words on our own. There are many strategies to crack this section given by different PTE coaching institutes. These are listed below with comprehensive explanation of each:

  • Blind Approach

This technique is followed by closing one’s eyes and giving all ears to the speaker and just reminding the question like it’s a life saving instruction. This method has been working with majority of the test takers preparing for PTE.

  • Phrase Approach

For this a student must chunk up the given sentence in three phrases and just connect them by making a sentence out of it. For example, the sentence is: Animals raised in captivity behave differently than their wild counterparts.

Phrase chunking will be: animals raised in captivity/ behave differently/ wild counterparts.

This will maximise your listening scores.

  • Initial Approach

This technique is a completely practise based approach where one can note down the initials of the major words like nouns and adjective or verbs and just remember them while saying. This method ultimately is the most useful way to attempt this section as this is applicable to another major score contributing section which is written from dictation. To attain a 79+ score in PTE is the best approach.

  • homophone Approach

This is just another way of attempting the question smartly where you simply try to fool the machine by saying a word that sounds like what you heard may not be the exact word.

For example, you heard “endangered” you can say “in danger”

However, not everyone is after 79+, some of you must be taking it for your temporary residence or student visa or a spouse appearing to add extra 5 points to the primary applicant. For them it’s not imperative to do this section perfectly rather smartly.

So, you can simply catch as many words as you can. Then just make any sentence out of those words. For example, the next lecture on physics will be conducted on Friday. You caught a lecture and Friday. Just say any combination making a right grammatical sentence such as: I will go to lecture on Friday. This way you are still securing some percent of your listening scores too.

If you need more special assistance in obtaining a perfect grip over all the PTE questions, feel free to contact us at Wings Education.

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