SEO TIPS: Using Classifieds Sites for Backlinks

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If you’ve been online awhile, the odds are that you have tried some of the common website promotion strategies such as directory submissions, article submissions, etc. There were times they all worked pretty great, but times change. That isn’t to say that many of the old ways to promote your site won’t work anymore, they might just work a little differently and with varying levels of effectiveness depending on what your goals are.

You can certainly use all those old standard techniques and some of the newer ones as well. Something else you can do is dust off an old classic. You can also include one of the most effective platforms, free classifieds sites. People don’t think of them as a way to promote their site, but when done right the results can be amazing.

What these sites give you the opportunity to do is to post your website, service and products in their classifieds section and display them for a specified period. Some of them allow 14 days posting, while others allow 30 days to 90 days postings. It really all depends on where you go and whether or not you are using a free classified or paid classified service for your SEO Company in Brampton.

There are free classifieds sites that allow permanent postings, although they are not as common as they once were. Even those classifieds sites that allow temporary postings often allow you to automatically renew your postings periodically. There are hundreds of free classifieds sites that you can use to promote your website online and get a considerable amount of traffic to your website and it doesn’t make sense to not use them considering how little effort is required to set your ad up.

In general, you will find that most of the free classifieds sites have general interests, but you will also be able to find product specific or service specific classifieds sites. In addition to this, you can also find area specific classifieds sites that might suit your needs even better by allowing you to zone in on your niche audience better. If the services or the products that you are selling are area specific, then you will be able to enhance the results by posting in classifieds sites that concentrate on a specific area. Geographic qualifiers are always powerful in terms of fighting the keywords competition and the same applies to posting your free ads in classifieds sites.

Something quite a few people don’t think about which keeps them from using classified ads as a promotional tool is they underestimate the audience size they often have. There is a lot of traffic that passes through these sites because these listings can feature in the independent search results. Some of the classifieds sites will list your postings along with the other similar service providers while others will allow you to have a separate page just for advertising your services. It’s up to you to figure out what you can work with best. When these pages feature in the search results, your traffic count will increase dramatically. it really does make that big of a difference!

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