Most and Least Common Numbers Bet on in Roulette

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Roulette is a game of randomness. Whether you play this game offline or on online casinos like Sbobet asia, this rule of randomness doesn’t seem to change. But there are some of the numbers that are most and least preferred by people and in this article, we are about to discuss those numbers.

Most and Least Common Numbers Bet on in Roulette

We, humans, believe in superstitions more than ourselves and proven theories. Everybody knows that Detectives act on their hunches, Students enter the examination room crossing their fingers and knocking on wood and the most famous one, skipping room no. 13 from the floor. When it comes to the world of the roulette games, things are not different as there are some superstitions about this game too. There are some people who seem to give preference to some particular numbers over others. But why? Is it just a coincidence or an old legend that tells the players to do so?

A Brief History

There is a long, old and intermingled history behind the connection of betting and probability. Some people also mention gambling as the mother of probability. Blaise Pascal was the one who accidentally invented the roulette wheel while he was just attempting to make the perpetual motion machine. He was also one of those people who struggled with the idea of probability from a mathematical point of view. After a deep analysis of a tough hypothetical gambling problem, the inventor along with Pierre de Fermat came up with the theory of probability.

Prior to this theory, no other ‘scientific’ way of predicting the results was known to people. All they used to do is trust their heart and believe in their gut feeling. Game and probability theory have grown together then why after a big scientific and mathematical evolution, people are still choosing the numbers based on their instinct and following superstitious ways? Should we consider that there is actually something that is helping people to choose the number in the fashion they always do.

The Legend of 17

The number 17 is situated in the centre of the roulette board and is also the number which developed some of the biggest and the most famous wins of the time.

£1.3 million  won by Newcastle boss on the number 17

Sean Connery won on 17 three times in a row

The Newcastle boss called Ashley especially loves the number 17. You would be surprised to know that he wears a football shirt with the number 17 on it. He won £1.3 million in just one wheel spin after making a complete bet on the number 17. For a second let’s imagine everything is completely random, then how do you explain this? hitting a big win with the help of his lucky number 17.

Go to any casino and ask its dealer what is the most common number that people place their money on, the answer will be number 17. Its location is in the centre of the board which makes it one of the most obvious numbers to bet. But is this not all, according to MIT, 17 is the “most random number.” This means that while choosing a random number from the wheel, people directly select the number 17 without thinking twice. There are some studies that have held that when people are asked to choose any number from 1 to 20, 17 is the most chosen one and this makes it the least random number by the human standard. This superstition of selecting 17 doesn’t imply at an online casino as RNG are completely random and roulette online doesn’t have a real wheel.

So since many people select the number 17, this could be the reason for its connection to most of the big wins. Ashley was a long time roulette player and she used to mostly choose to bet on the number 17. She used to fail a lot of time before hitting a big profit.

Sean Connery’s Staggering Win

However, this is definitely not a valid reason that can explain Sean Connery’s overwhelming achievement of the roulette wheel. He placed five bets on the number 17 while playing roulette in Casino de la Vallee which is located in Saint-Vincent, Italy. Even after losing the first two of his bets, he persisted. The third time his luck shined and he won 31:1 odds. Since he was not ready to settle with just one win, he decided to bet his winning amount. Pretty smart move by the way. This time also he placed that amount on the number 17. It would be shocking to know that against all the odds, he won again. For the fifth and the final time he again put all this money on the number 17. The number showed up. An interesting thing to know is that the probability of hitting three single numbers in a row is 0.0000197% or 50,000:1. It is definitely a bit strange about the same number coming up three times continuously. If we take help of math, we would find out that it’s as likely as Connery guessing any other number correctly and this makes it creepier.

It is hard to find if number 17 is really a supernatural number of is just a number with coincidence.

Let us not forget that biased wheels are also the ones that favor a particular number more than any other. Perhaps the wheel at which Connery was betting was biased. But if this is the case, why did the wheel miss its first two bets? Unfortunately, we don’t know what the real reason is, but we know why people love to bet on this number.

Least favorite number to bet

We all already know the answer. The number 13 is one of the most avoided numbers to bet. It is known to be the number of misfortune. People think that placing bet on number 13 is like losing money as the defeat is fixed. But is it true? We wish we would have known the answer. 

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