How to maintain the temperature of synthetic urine?

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Urine is nearly 96F or usually, the range of temperature is from 95F to the 98F. When the urine is put inside the container, it starts changing its temperature. The containers that are used to collect the sample are usually having an inbuilt thermometer that is used to register the temperature at the time when urine enters the container.

In case, the sample gets colder than 94F or warmer than 100F it can get disqualified. This problem can be seen while people are doing drug tests. Mainly a drug test can be done with the help of a urine test. There are a lot of reasons behind this. Let us tell you some of them. The first reason is that the urine sample is easy to collect. Urine samples are not that hard to gather as one just has to put his/her urine in the container but this is not the case with the other drug tests.

Blood tests, for example, can be pretty hard to conduct because the blood sample can be hard to collect. There are a lot of people who are not very much comfortable with the idea of collecting blood through a needle and that’s why for them, a blood test is not an option. These are some of the reasons why most of the companies prefer to conduct a urine test. To pass these urine tests, you would require fake urine if you think your body has traces of drugs. But the presence of synthetic urine can be detected due to its temperature.

It is really important to keep the sample warmer so that it can be undetectable. For that, there are multiple ways and we would like to tell you some of those. The first thing and the most basic thing that you can do is keep it warm with the heat of your body. This is one very natural way to keep the sample warm. This will create a good balance in temperature.

Your body heat can help you to keep the sample warm. You can simply tape the sample to your body and this will help you a lot. If you want to know more about the fake urine then visiting jonnsaromatherpy will be a good decision. You can also use a hand warmer to keep the sample warm. Just wrap the warmer around and let it do its job. This is how you can keep the urine sample warmer. 

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